White Samsung Nexus S Heading for Germany

White Samsung Nexus

Still waiting for that white version of the iPhone 4? You might wanna head your attention towards Samsung, because while Apple was busy making sure everyone knew that the white iPhone 4 was on its way, Samsung was quietly working on its own white version of the Nexus S. And it looks like they were a lot faster since the guys over at BestBoyz, a German website, already came across some pictures of what seems to be a partly white Nexus S.

The pictures reveal a Samsung Nexus S with a ‘winter white’ back side, but with the same black front as before. Surprisingly, the new model will still keep its Super AMOLED display instead of the supposed Super Clear LCD, which was hinted a while back as reaching other areas outside the US and UK. BestBoyz sources claim that the white Nexus S will be coming to Germany first, while rumors already started spreading around pinpointing Vodafone as the carrier. A partly white Samsung Nexus S doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but an entirely white Nexus S would definitely sound better. Curious to see what Apple has to say about this.

White Samsung Nexus S heading for Germany

[Via: AndroidCentral]